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G Tran Docking Swivel Seat

Easy in and easy out; the G Tran System eliminates the need to transfer from wheelchair to car seat

Guidosimplex G Tran Docking Swivel Seat



Vehicle access has always been a challenge. With this Guidosimplex docking system, entering and leaving your car becomes much easier, giving you greater dignity, freedom and mobility. It also assists carers to transfer their passengers, making their job much easier.

G-Tran - Docking System

The G-Tran allows the user to maintain the same seat for both vehicle and wheelchair. This results in greatly reduced risk of injury whilst transferring in/out of a vehicle. This solution is composed of two main elements; the TD Seat and the Main Frame, the TD Seat has been specifically designed to ensure an ergonomic position for the end user at all times.


  • Complete compliance with standards and current regulations
  • Adjustable arm rests
  • Handle for transportation purposes
  • Ergonomic TD Seat fabricated in hypoallergenic material
  • Adaptable to all vehicles and surfaces with the raising kit
  • Resistant and smooth wheels suitable for all surfaces
  • Seat with swivel, slide, drop and lift functions available as  fully mechanical, fully electric or a mix of manual and electric features
  • Slimline – Max Height 40mm & 20% Less weight than competitor swivel seats
  • Simple step by step programming available
  • Keypad operated (wireless optional)
  • Maximum user weight of 150kg
  • Swivel seat crash tested, flammability tested, CE marked


As with many powered turnout solutions on today's market, the Guidosimplex Transfer System has a motor which enables the turnout movement. This is installable on the passenger side for both 2 doors and/or 4 doors vehicles, the difference with the Guidosimplex system is that although it has a motor the slimline structure has been maintained throughout all systems.

The mechanical version uses a mechanism that is simplistic and easy to install, but at the same time extremely effective and boasts and impressive max load of 200kg.

All transfer systems can be adapted to passenger, driver and mid-row positions and are fixed to the original seat mountings for easy restoration of the vehicle when it is to be replaced.

- View the G-Tran Brochure -

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The R-Tran swivel seat is the most basic variant. It consists of a swivel base of either manual or electric operation that allows the car seat to swivel out over the sill to facilitate entering or exiting the vehicle.

The D-Tran lowering swivel seat turns the car seat outwards and then lowers it to the desired position. The system offers the end user lifting heights from 300mm to 395mm, which facilitates transfer to and from the wheel chair.


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