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Can-Am Spyder Kit

Get ready for pure freedom. Feel the pleasure of flying down the highway in the open air, the lure of sweeping bends and a synergy between you and the road that only a motorcycle rider knows.

A Disability Friendly Spyder Motorcycle


The Can-am Spyder and PME’s Conversion kit have finally made riding with a disability a possibility. 

Straddling 106 hp of exhilaration with no glass in front of you, no roof over your head and no doors to separate you from your surrounding environment is a feeling that is hard to describe and harder to forget. It is a feeling that disabled motorcycle enthusiasts thought that they would never experience.

The Spyder provides the opportunity to up the world of motorcycling to the disabled community by utilizing a unique ‘Y-stance’ 3-wheeled design, 2 in the front and one in the rear, and a button shift semi-automatic transmission.

The ideal balance of performance and peace of mind

A V-twin 106 hp engine provides enough muscle for the most power-hungry of enthusiasts while the Vehicle Stability System (VSS) reduces your risk of losing control. Consisting of the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), the Traction Control System (TCS) and the Stability Control System (SCS), the VSS continuously analyses the motion and forces and will assist the rider in keeping the vehicle stable. Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) also adjusts steering effort required according to speed, load and torque.

The conversion

The Spyder’s brake system is normally operated via a single footbrake that electronically distributes optimal brake pressure to the 3 wheels to result in more precise and effective braking. To bring this braking system under your control, the PME Spyder Conversion includes a beautifully crafted CNC machined aluminium hand operated brake lever embossed with the PME logo. It interfaces with the original brake system via a mechanical system, and has been designed specifically for the Spyder to incorporate the most mechanical advantage and ease of operation. The kit also consists of an electro-mechanical park brake system operated from a switch on the dashboard.

As an extra to the Kit, PME can manufacture custom footplates designed specifically to suit individual rider's requirements. We can CNC machine these from solid billets of aluminium to add custom styling to your Spyder or you may choose to simply have them fabricated from aluminium or steel in one of a number of finishes.

The PME hand brake, park brake and foot plates all fit in beautifully with the bike’s bold styling.

The kit is also available for D.I.Y fitment. All hardware interfaces with existing frame fixing points and the park brake comes complete with plug and play wiring loom. The only thing we need is your foot brake assembly and we'll exchange it over with the PME system.


For more information on the Spyder visit Can-Am's Website or visit the Australian Spyder Riders Website

To find out more about how we can help you get back on a bike give us a call on (02) 9482 2808

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A Disability Friendly Spyder Motorcycle

Can-Am Spyder Kit

Get on your steel pony; motorcycle riding is finally within reach for many people with disabilities
The Paravan Self Drive Wheelchair is Brand New to Australia

Paravan Wheelchair

This electric wheelchair features greater flexibility and adaptability than any other wheelchair to date

Straight off the shelf, most vehicles aren't appropriately set-up for people of short stature. Fortunately, PME has a whole suite of solutions to tailor-fit vehicles to make them easy and safe to drive. These include everything from access, seating and securing, to driving control and accessory function modifications.

All short stature conversions are custom tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients



We have years of experience doing short stature conversions and we understand the differing requirements that each situation presents. We know that your challenges are individual and we treat them that way. Each individual will differ in height, mobility and range of motion, as well as in associated disabilities, length of torso, legs and arms etc, so each conversion is tailor made.

A short stature conversion can involve any of the following;

  • Foldaway pedal extensions

  • Removable pedal extension systems

  • Removable false floors

  • Modified seating

  • Steering modifications

  • Steering column modifications

  • Airbag disabling systems

  • Steering wheel modifications

  • Other driving controls and accessory functions.

We do what we need to, in order to give you the optimal driving experience.

Give PME a call on (02) 9482 2808 to discuss what we can do for you

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Disabled hand controls installed in an Audi for a paraplegic

PME Hand Controls

The least fatiguing traditional hand controls for accelerator and brake operation
The world renowned PME Spinmaster spinner knob

PME Spinmaster

Exported around the world, the PME Spinmaster is a class leading spinner knob.
Easyspin indicator and secondary function remote spinner knob


Fingertip control of secondary driving functions such as indicators, horn and high beam

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Exclusive Distributors in Australia & NZ for:

Exclusive Australian Distributors for Paravan and Fadiel

Exclusive Australian Distributors for GuidoSimplex and TecnoDrive
PME Auto Conversions is located in Hornsby Heights NSW and specialises in customised vehicle modifications for people with disability. Our expertise includes driving controls from hand controls and left foot accelerators up to high-end electronic mobility controls, as well as wheelchair access and transfer, for cars and vans, and more. We engineer modifications to cater for any form of physical handicap. Ultimately, PME provides options for people who are disabled, in any way, to enjoy 'Dynamic Living'.