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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Passengers

Whether you want to travel as a passenger or take one of your loved ones with you PME have a variety of solutions available for passengers and their wheelchairs.

If you're a wheelchair user, carer or family member you know that trying to get from A to B, can be a serious ordeal. Taxis, transferring, public transport and wheelchair storage can be a nightmare. A Wheelchair Passenger Accessible Vehicle can be a blessing in this situation.

wheelchair accessible vehicle

Our specialist design team at PME build accessible vehicles with the user in mind and tailor them to suit your requirements. We have a variety of ramps and hoists that can be fitted in or under the vehicle for side or rear entry. Seating arrangements can be configured to suit you and your family's requirements with vehicles ranging in size from 3 to 7 seats and even capability to carry multiple wheelchair passengers.

We also have a range of different tie-downs and restraints to make boarding quick and pain free.

VW Caddy accessible vehicleDepending on the height of the wheelchair occupant we have different options available such as channeled out rear floors or flush wooden floors.

Volkswagen Transporters, Multivan's, Caddy's and the Renault Kangoo are some of the vehicles that we recommend for their reliability, adaptability and comfort levels.

Call PME to discuss the Wheelchair Passenger Vehicle options we can provide for you.

vw multivan rear access wheelchair

Rear Access Multivan with Channeled out floor

vw multivan rear access wheelchair

Multivan setup for 6 passengers and 1 wheelchair occupant

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PME Auto Conversions is located in Hornsby Heights NSW and specialises in customised vehicle modifications for people with disability. Our expertise includes driving controls from hand controls and left foot accelerators up to high-end electronic mobility controls, as well as wheelchair access and transfer, for cars and vans, and more. We engineer modifications to cater for any form of physical handicap. Ultimately, PME provides options for people who are disabled, in any way, to enjoy 'Dynamic Living'.